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Invest in a unique powerful security solutions franchise complete with high recurring automatic monthly service revenue, strong profit margins, easy-to-follow operations, and a proven client acquisition formula.

Turnkey security solutions provider for Full Service UL listed certificate rated burglar alarm, fire alarm, managed access control, and managed video surveillance monitoring to our clients. Get in on our ground floor opportunity as we pioneer the new and better way of multi-faceted security solutions for both commercial and residential applications!

The security monitoring industry is known for long term service revenue and high margins of profit on recurring security solutions resold. Clients keep security system solutions as long as system/s operates, functions and is providing protection. UL Listed Burglar, Fire & Access Security equipment is built to last beyond 20 years. Managed cloud access and video surveillance that outperforms any locally managed system/s.

Clients prefer to deal with a local professional that can handle ALL security system needs. Furthermore, security systems should be integrated to provide the maximum amount of property protection.  Avenger Security teaches young and new integrators how to use existing legacy hardware from other security providers at minimal cost. Making it easy to migrate clients with existing outdated security hardware systems.

Avenger Security™ offers the most advanced private market cloud managed application programming interface security solutions available. More and more professional solutions are being sold as a service, via a managed API. The managed application programming interface can be controlled or modified from anywhere. Franchise operators
maintain a high margin profit on as long as the client maintains service.


Avenger Security™ will help you build a security system solutions company that rivals any security dealer funding program. Avenger Security™ resources from systems and solutions that are sold thru national distributors and global private partners. Our cloud based encrypted firmware software solutions are designed to automatically configure to any DHCP enabled network. Application programming interface systems are future designed for automatic updates on new technology, additional integrations, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Protecting People & Property

Founded by licensed accredited leaders and industry experts

Avenger Security™ is paving the way for a new network-based community of owners. We’re experts at state-of-the-art tech, obsessively looking forward to the latest updates, trends, and needs of the American public and businesses throughout the nation. Through the Avenger Security™ franchise model, you’ll learn how to build RMR through proven sales techniques, harness the power of preferred vendor discounts and programs, leverage our franchise network to build profitability, and expand your client list exponentially. Avenger Security™ will teach you how to capture clientele who are ready to migrate their security systems to newer API platforms and keep them, all at a lower cost than our competitors!

What makes Avenger Security™ incredible?

Compared to similar security concepts, Avenger Security™ is a unique model that focuses on the success of our franchisees, ultimately delivering a high volume, high margin operation that’s completely streamlined and simple to follow. Our RMR business model gives you way higher long term profit margins compared to similar models. Your client list is completely your own and you can scale as your resources and time allow! build a portfolio of clients that generate revenue franchisee.

Our services include a range of in-demand solutions for both commercial and residential needs. These include managed emergency dispatch, burglar alarm installation and monitoring, cloud managed video surveillance, managed access control, fire alarm installation and monitoring, and so many more! We never require long-term contracts for standard monitoring services. We also reprogram old, non-working security alarm systems with no upfront costs for site visit or quotes, making us more affordable to a wide range of clients.

Avenger Security™ gives you a business built for stability and profitability from the very start.

Will give you the tools, the guidance, training and the ongoing support to make your business a local success.

  Avenger Security™  will help you start a security company that will rival competitors in your market.

White lable triple redundant cloud managed API security solutions. 

When it comes to protecting your clients data, facility, employees and/or assets…

 Look to Avenger Security™

Franchise Fee

ESTIMATED COST: $61,800 (including the franchise fee.)

FRANCHISE FEE: $40,000 – $20,000 is related to broker and team fees.  $20,000 will be deposited into business account, monies are to be used on local website, onsite and offsite SEO, wholesale equipment, supplies, solutions, tools, and used to operate hard cost for franchise; The general hard cost associated with doing business.


We give you first class coaching from a team dedicated to making sure your franchise succeeds! Our franchise includes comprehensive dual-phase training. Avenger Security has weekly online training.  Avenger Security will preconfigure complicated managed application programming interface solutions making it easy for Franchise offices to implement solutions for new opportunities.


We are looking for skilled service providers who understand the security solutions industry and can deliver first class client experiences. You must meet the financial requirements to become our franchise partner.  This opportunity does not require physical location to operate or function. Client transactions are preformed at clients location.


How We Support Our Franchisees


Everything you need for your day-to-day to run smoothly is included in ongoing support, automatic client billing, recommended configurations, service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, and admin procedures are all included in our five star support model. Lean new security system configurations and to how to capitalize most on each client opportunity. 


Everything from client acquisition techniques to network-wide advertising campaigns is included with your investment! Our team will also supply marketing plans and materials for use at the local and regional level. Includes personalized local website with onsite and offsite SEO into your local market.


Each Avenger Security™ franchisee has their own area of primary responsibility. Avenger Security will also ensure our franchisees are supported with initial accounting guidance, continued development for enhanced unit-level profitability, and negotiated product/service discounts. Complicated system configurations can be preconfigured by team, ready for plug and play deployment. As long as the client keeps services you will continue to make build revenue.

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